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Offside.js – Off-Canvas Menu with Javascript

November 29, 2017     2893     Menu
Offside.js – Off-Canvas Menu with Javascript

Offside.js is a minimal JavaScript kit without library dependencies to push things off-canvas using just class manipulation. It's goal is to provide a super-lightweight, efficient and customizable way of handling off-canvas menus/elements on modern website and web applications.


  • Minimal DOM manipulations
  • No library dependencies
  • Uses CSS3 3D transforms
  • No injected style. Offside entirely relies on classes manipulations
  • BEM-like style
  • Requirable through require('offside-js')
  • Degrades gracefully on browsers not supporting CSS3 3D transforms
  • Handles multiple off-canvas elements
  • Left/right off-canvas
  • Style agnostic
  • No need of extra classes or any specific markup.

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