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Blurry Text Reveal on Scroll

July 02, 2024     46     Scroll Effects Text & String
Blurry Text Reveal on Scroll

The “Blurry Text Reveal on Scroll” effect aims to create an engaging animation where text becomes progressively clearer as users scroll down a webpage. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial State:

    • The text starts with a high blur value (making it almost invisible) and low opacity.
    • This creates a mysterious, obscured appearance.
  2. Scroll Interaction:

    • As users scroll down, JavaScript detects the scroll position.
    • Based on the scroll position, the blur value decreases gradually.
    • Simultaneously, the opacity increases, revealing the text more clearly.
  3. Smooth Transition:

    • The gradual adjustments create a smooth transition from blurry to clear text.
    • The effect is visually appealing and adds an element of surprise.

Remember, you can find detailed code examples and implementation details in the original article on Codrops

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