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Scotch Panels – jQuery Off Canvas Menus and Panels Plugin

September 09, 2014     4388     CSS3 & CSS Menu
Scotch Panels – jQuery Off Canvas Menus and Panels Plugin

scotchPanels.js is a jQuery plugin for easily creating off canvas menus, navigations, and other panel types such as images, videos, and iframes.

Scotch Panels are featured-packed and have a ton of different options for every skill-level to tweak and implement into almost any project. It work from any container so you can put your side navigation on any element you want.


  • Uses CSS3 with JavaScript Fallback
  • Fully Responsive
  • Custom transition styles
  • Completely Customizable with tons of optional settings
  • Lightweight, easy to use, and only one file
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Open Source
  • Choose either custom HTML, images, iframes, or video panels
  • Optionally use HTM5 Data Attributes
  • Off Canvas directions from top, Bottom, left, and right
  • Works from any container or div
  • Extensive Callbacks API
  • Click, touch, hover, and keyboard helpers
  • CSS Class Helpers

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