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flv.js – HTML5 FLV Player with Javascript

November 05, 2016     5719     HTML5 Media
flv.js – HTML5 FLV Player with Javascript

flv.js is an HTML5 Flash Video (FLV) Player written in pure JavaScript without Flash. 

flv.js works by transmuxing FLV file stream into ISO BMFF (Fragmented MP4) segments, followed by feeding mp4 segments into an HTML5 <video> element through Media Source Extensions API.


  • FLV container with H.264 + AAC codec playback
  • Multipart segmented video playback
  • HTTP FLV low latency live stream playback
  • FLV over WebSocket live stream playback
  • Compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Safari 10, IE11 and Edge
  • Extremely low overhead, and hardware accelerated by your browser!

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