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Slides Framework – Create Websites with Stunning Animations

October 26, 2015     3578    


Do you want to showcase your product in an outstanding way? Designmodo brings forth the simplest step-by-step method-Slides to present your ideas and woo people about your products and services. Every business owner will agree with this fact that they are constantly in search of an innovative way to turn heads and leave a long lasting impression on the clients and investors. To simplify it, till a great extent- we have made, Slides.

Creating a striking presentation needs a symphony of visual elements that team up for a “big picture.” Here is the comprehensive guide to formulate this “big picture.” Primarily, pick few stunning slides, choose the panel you may require, then alter your navigation and pick out the best animation to place between slides that you selected earlier. Export the template and gear up to work with your drafted content. We have developed it using HTML, CSS and jQuery that are not only simple but also clean to use. Thereby, with the reliable code, you can easily upload your finished Slides to your website or hosting space and it will work impeccably. Moreover, there are no limitations and you can use it for your innumerable products.

We have compiled several beautiful slides and templates to present your ideas and help you to nurture your business. Furthermore, we have researched thoroughly at top portals to predict your future needs in a better way and build an excellent space for your content. Resultantly, your site will not only look awesome on laptops but also on smartphones with the same effects and gestures.

In a nutshell, an attractive website is possible in just a few clicks at Slides- Built to Impress.




Slides is incredibly simple for professionals, but the platform is packed with copious functionalities as well. Here are the few features listed below.

  • Several ready-to-use slides & templates

    We have amassed 60 beautiful slides and 11 quick-start templates that you can easily use. They are crafted to help you in telling a beautiful story as per your desires. Each slide is present in different formats such as PSD, Sketch and HTML formats.

  • Create in real time

    You have to just select slides from the plethora of options, alter them in your way and your picturesque site is ready in real time.

  • Simple code

    As we have built with HTML, CSS and jQuery, consequently there is no need of any framework. Plus, your content is unlocked.

  • Animation

    Stunning animation is like an icing on the cake. Each and every slide and component is next to perfect and you can tweak it as per your desire.

  • Good for designers

    Everything is designed in Photoshop and Sketch using vivid colors, symbols and free fonts. Thus, designer’s work is simplified.

  • Helpful guidebook

    Explore Slides with well-described setup instructions, helpful guidebook and useful examples to bring ease.

  • Save time

    We have spent loads of time in designing, markup and animation, so you can save your precious time.


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