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Context.js – Bootstrap Context Menu

September 29, 2013     14283     Menu Bootstrap
Context.js – Bootstrap Context Menu

context.js is a lightweight solution for contextual menus. Currently, there are two versions.

The first is to be used with Twitter Bootstrap (bootstrap.css specifically). If you do not use or want to use bootstrap.css, there is a standalone stylesheet to give the menu it's base styles.


  • Linted: Valid JS
  • Can be used with or without Twitters Bootstrap.css
  • Event Based Links
  • Anchor Links
  • Headers
  • Dividers
  • Recursive Menus (infinite depth)
  • Vertical Space Detection (turns into a "dropup")
  • Horizontal Space Detection (Drops to the left instead of right)
  • Add/Delete menus Dynamically
  • Even works on Inline Links

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