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XDomain – Pure JavaScript CORS Alternative

August 07, 2017     700    
XDomain – Pure JavaScript CORS Alternative

XDomain is a pure JavaScript CORS alternative. No server configuration required - just add a proxy.html on the domain you wish to communicate with. This library utilizes XHook to hook all XHR, so XDomain will work seamlessly with any library.


  • Simple
  • Library Agnostic
    • With jQuery $.ajax (and subsequently $.get$.post)
    • With Angular $http service
  • Cross domain XHR just magically works
    • No need to modify the server code
    • No need to use IE's silly XDomainRequest Object
  • Easy XHR access to file servers:
    • Amazon
    • Dropbox
  • Includes XHook and its features
  • proxy.html files (slaves) may:
    • White-list domains
    • White-list paths using regular expressions (e.g. only allow API calls: /^\/api/)
  • Highly performant
  • Seamless integration with FormData
  • Supports RequiresJS and Browserify

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