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whatsapp-web.js – WhatsApp Client Library for NodeJS

November 17, 2020     4293    
whatsapp-web.js – WhatsApp Client Library for NodeJS

whatsapp-web.js is a WhatsApp client library for NodeJS that connects through the WhatsApp Web browser app. It uses Puppeteer to run a real instance of Whatsapp Web to avoid getting blocked.

Supported Features
Send messages
Receive messages
Send media (images/audio/documents)
Send media (video)
Send stickers
Receive media (images/audio/video/documents)
Send contact cards
Send location
Receive location
Message replies
Join groups by invite
Get invite for group
Modify group info (subject, description)
Modify group settings (send messages, edit info)
Add group participants
Kick group participants
Promote/demote group participants
Mention users
Mute/unmute chats
Block/unblock contacts
Get contact info
Get profile pictures
Set user status message

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