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jQuery Plugins Tagged ‘iOS support’

oriDomi – Fold Up DOM Elements Like Paper

March 18, 2013     7113     CSS3 & CSS Effects
oriDomi – Fold Up DOM Elements Like Paper

oriDomi is a JavaScript library for folding up any HTML element just like a paper. Oridomi has jQuery support and only works in modern browsers that support CSS 3D transforms.

oriDomi has touch support and works on iOS.

There are multiple effects provided: accordion, reveal, curl, collapse, ramp, foldUp, unfold and reset.

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Spectrum – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

February 27, 2013     4595     HTML5 Mobile
Spectrum – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

Spectrum is a jQuery colorpicker plugin that comes with many features and options.

  • Polyfill : Spectrum has a polyfill for the input[type=color] HTML5 control. This mode needs to work without JavaScript enabled – and fallback to an input[type=text] like other HTML5 inputs

  • Customizable : It is easy to skin and customize the plugin with CSS, and there are a wide range of modes and options to explore.

  • Mobile Support: Along with desktop browser support, touch friendly, worked in iOS and Android, and used standards that maximize future mobile support.

  • Small Footprint: JavaScript is well less than 10K gzipped.

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minical – Lightweight Datepicker Plugin

February 05, 2013     2046     Mobile Date & Time
minical –  Lightweight Datepicker Plugin

Minical is a tiny datepicker plugin, with no dependencies other than its icon PNG and stylesheet (which has SASS variables for easy customization).

It has full keyboard support and also defaults to make the associated input read-only, so its value can only be changed by the date format specified in the plugin. It also works great in iOS, with just enough touch event handling to behave properly.

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