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SuperMarquee – Super Smooth Marquee Javascript Component

September 13, 2023     707     Scroll
SuperMarquee – Super Smooth Marquee Javascript Component

SuperMarquee is the smooth marquee web component for your web applications. It covers features for marquee usages, like horizontal and vertical scrolling, different scroll speeds, custom styling etc.

SuperMarquee supports all your favourite frontend frameworks. (Javascript,jQuery, Web Components, Angular, React, Svelte, Vue)

It's free for non-commercial purposes such as teaching, academic research, and evaluation.


  • Fully Responsive. Perfect for every resolution
  • Easily customizable via CSS
  • Zero dependencies
  • Lightweight, simple yet powerful
  • Hardware accelerated for high performance
  • Extremely flexible. Endless possibilities
  • Works on every modern device
  • Supports 3D transformations
  • Works with every major frontend framework
  • Visual editor and code generator
  • RSS feed support

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