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ProppyJS – Functional Props Composition for UI Components

June 02, 2018     745    
ProppyJS – Functional Props Composition for UI Components

ProppyJS is a tiny JavaScript library for composing props that can be used in your favourite components-based UI framework (like React or Vue.js).

  • Stateless: Your component layer ends up becoming stateless, and only responsible for accepting props and rendering them.
  • Interoperable: Integrating other libraries to your components layer becomes a breeze with the suite of functions that Proppy provides you.
  • Functional: With your props being composed in functions, they become easier to expand as your requirements grow.
  • Testing: With clear separation between props generation and components, you can now unit test them separately with ease.
  • Providers: With Proppy's providers, you can set application-wide global object accessible anywhere in your components tree.
  • Freedom: Since Proppy connects to your favourite UI rendering library, you have the freedom to switch with minimal effort.

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