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Pliant – Flexible and Extensible jQuery Validation Plugin

February 15, 2013     915     Validation
Pliant – Flexible and Extensible jQuery Validation Plugin

Pliant is a jQuery validation plugin that allows easy extending/overriding of rules, as well as defining field validation by html comments.


  • Central, or field specific rule definitions.
  • Rule inheritance and property overriding.
  • Validation on field change.
  • Field/Rule validation chaining.
  • Apply validation on init, after init, or via HTML comments.
  • Control field/rule message locations globally, or per field/rule instance.
  • Control the form validation trigger, and scope.
  • Stop validation on first invalid rule per field, or validate all rules per field.
  • Ignore hidden/disabled fields.
  • Customize element type and CSS for fields, messages, message containers, and message wrappers.
  • Define expected return value for individual rules.
  • Multiple event handlers allowed for field validation/focus/added, and form validation.
  • Control field validation on change globally, or per field/rule based on a bool or function result.

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