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JSDoc – API Documentation Generator for JavaScript

September 23, 2020     1123    
JSDoc – API Documentation Generator for JavaScript

JSDoc is an API documentation generator for JavaScript. You add documentation comments directly to your source code, right alongside the code itself. The JSDoc tool will scan your source code and generate an HTML documentation website for you.

Some of the more popular annotation tags used in JSDoc :

@authorDeveloper's name
@constructorMarks a function as a constructor
@deprecatedMarks a method as deprecated
@exceptionSynonym for @throws
@exportsIdentifies a member that is exported by the module
@paramDocuments a method parameter; a datatype indicator can be added between curly braces
@privateSignifies that a member is private
@returnsDocuments a return value
@returnSynonym for @returns
@seeDocuments an association to another object
@todoDocuments something that is missing/open
@thisSpecifies the type of the object to which the keyword this refers within a function.
@throwsDocuments an exception thrown by a method
@versionProvides the version number of a library

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