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js2flowchart – Generating SVG Flowcharts from JavaScript Code

November 14, 2017     4726     Chart & Graph
js2flowchart – Generating SVG Flowcharts from JavaScript Code

js2flowchart is a visualization library to convert any JavaScript code into beautiful SVG flowchart.

Learn other’s code. Design your code. Refactor code. Document code. Explain code.

Main features:

  • defined abstractions levels to render only import/exports, classes/function names, function dependencies to learn/explain the code step by step.
  • custom abstractions levels support create your own one
  • presentation generator to generate list of SVGs in order to different abstractions levels
  • defined flow tree modifiers to map well-known APIs like i.e. [].map, [].forEach, [].filter to Loop structure on scheme etc.
  • destruction modifier to replace block of code with one shape on scheme
  • custom flow tree modifiers support create your own one
  • flow tree ignore filter to omit some code nodes completely i.e. log lines
  • focus node or entire code logic branch to highlight important section on scheme
  • blur node or entire code logic branch to hide less-important stuff
  • defined styles themes supports choose one you like
  • custom themes support create your own one which fits your context colors better
  • custom colors and styles support provides handy API to change specific styles without boilerplate

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