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joqular – JavaScript Object Query Language Representation

May 16, 2015     1008     JSON
joqular – JavaScript Object Query Language Representation

joqular is a JavaScript Object Query Language Representation that is mostly JSON.

  • Serializable pattern and SQL like object matching for JavaScript, including joins!
  • More built-in predicates/operators than most other other data query mechanisms, currently 34. Includes built in random sampling capability.
  • Extensible with just one line of code per predicate/query operator. Puts the intelligence in your data, not the database engine.
  • Just-in-time, fully indexed in-memory database, 2x to 10x faster than linear search, faster than IndexedDB and PouchDB for insert and search.
  • Indexes represent the live state of JavaScript objects. Query results are also live objects or POJO projections, your choice.
  • Extensive Date and Time comparisons with precision at the year, month, day, hour, second, millisecond
  • Optional zero configuration indexing and persistence.
  • 3-Way Single Function You Choose API ... callbacks, Promises, return values.

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