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Gridsome – Super Fast, Modern Websites with Vue.js

November 17, 2019     1604    
Gridsome – Super Fast, Modern Websites with Vue.js

Gridsome is a free and open source Vue.js-powered framework for building modern websites & apps that are super fast.


  • Vue.js for frontend - The simplest & most approachable frontend framework.
  • Local development with hot-reloading - See code changes in real-time.
  • File-based page routing 
  • Dynamic routing 
  • Static file generation - Deploy securely to any CDN or static web host.
  • Data sourcing - Use any Headless CMSs, APIs or Markdown-files for data.
  • GraphQL data layer - Simpler data management with a centralized data layer.
  • Automatic Code Splitting - Builds ultra performance into every page.
  • Plugin ecosystem - Find a plugin for any job.

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