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Fotorama – Simple, Stunning, Powerful Gallery

January 04, 2013     8275     Slider Gallery
Fotorama – Simple, Stunning, Powerful Gallery

Fotorama is a simple, stunning, powerful Javascript gallery. It's easy to install, supports all browsers, available as a wordpress plugin too.

Easy Install
Link to script. Wrap images. Enjoy.

All Browsers
From IE 6 to Safari on iOS. Including Opera and Android.

Great for Wordpress
Also comes as a Wordpress plug-in for galleries.

Neat and transparent
Looks great by default, even better with your settings.

In-page and full screen
Compact in-page and epic full-screen mode.

Touch gestures
Great response to drag and swipe.

Adjust And Automate
Customize everything with settings, CSS, callbacks and API. Everything.

Set Fotorama width in percent and have it adjust size automatically.

Work with images, links, divs, tables, paragraphs and more.

Make Slide-Show
Let Fotorama play photos automatically. The show will stop on touch.

Use Hashes
Have browser remember where you left off with hashes in the URL.

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