FeedEk jQuery RSS/ATOM Feed Plugin

FeedEk is a jQuery plugin for parsing and displaying RSS and Atom feeds. FeedEk uses YQL API to retrieve feeds. You can obtain feeds easily from any domain. No need for server-side scripts.



Name Default Required Description
FeedUrl Your Feed Url The Feed URL
MaxCount 5 Feed Item Count
ShowDesc True Option to show Feed Item Description
ShowPubDate True Option to show Feed Item Publish Date
DescCharacterLimit No Limit Feed Description Characters Limit Count
TitleLinkTarget _blank Option for Feed Title Link Target
DateFormat New None Date Format for Feed Publish Date
DateFormatLang New en Date Format Language for Feed Publish Date
IMPORTANT: Moment.js (great javascript date library) is used for DateFormat options. You must include Moment.js for date format. If you want to localize date format (day name, month name) you must include Moment.js with langs instead.
Please visit moment.js Moment.js format examples and languages for more information.


This is a simple css code that you can modify your feeds.

.feedEkList{width:450px; list-style:none outside none;background-color:#FFFFFF; border:1px solid #D3CAD7; padding:4px 6px; color:#3E3E3E;}
.feedEkList li{border-bottom:1px solid #D3CAD7; padding:5px;}
.feedEkList li:last-child{border-bottom:none;}
.itemTitle a{font-weight:bold; color:#4EBAFF !important; text-decoration:none }
.itemTitle a:hover{ text-decoration:underline }





FeedEk is created by Engin KIZIL

» jquery-plugins.net   » enginkizil.com


Version (Current Version)



Version 1.0.0

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