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jQuery Plugins Tagged ‘field mask’

Politespace – Unobtrusive Alternative to Input Masks

February 12, 2017     1044     Form Elements
Politespace – Unobtrusive Alternative to Input Masks

Politespace is a javascript plugin to add spaces to numeric form values to increase readability (credit card numbers, phone numbers, etc).

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meioMask – jQuery Mask Plugin

August 13, 2012     17484     Others
meioMask – jQuery Mask Plugin

meioMask is a simple use plugin for creating and applying masks at text input fields.

* Accepts paste event;
* Has fixed and reverse mask types ( allow number mask );
* You can still use your hotkeys and others (ex: ctrl+t, ctrl+f5, TAB …);
* Supports metadata plugin;
* Works with iPhone;
* Allow default values;
* Has callbacks for invalid inputs, valid and overflow;
* Has function to mask strings...

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jQuery Mask Plugin

June 05, 2012     15696     Date & Time
jQuery Mask Plugin
A jQuery Plugin for field masks.
- String/Numeric/Alpha/Mixed masks.
- Reverse Mask.
- Data type validation.
- Automatic maxlength.
- Live event's for ajax/realtime apps.
- Callbacks.

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