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jQuery Plugins Tagged ‘csv parse’

csv-parser – Streaming CSV Parser

August 11, 2017     493     JSON
csv-parser – Streaming CSV Parser

csv-parser is a streaming csv parser inspired by binary-csv that aims to be faster than everyone else. 

csv-parser can convert CSV into JSON at at rate of around 90,000 rows per second.

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anyToJSON – Converts Any Data Repository to JSON

July 01, 2015     1028     JSON
anyToJSON – Converts Any Data Repository to JSON

anyToJSON is a javascript library that fetches data from anywhere and converts it to JSON.


  • CSV flat file
  • JSON flat file
  • Databases (ODBC support)

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Datalib – JavaScript Data Utility Library

May 08, 2015     886     JSON
Datalib – JavaScript Data Utility Library

Datalib is a JavaScript data utility library. It provides facilities for data loading, type inference, common statistics, and string templates. This includes:

  • Loading and parsing data files (JSON, TopoJSON, CSV, TSV).
  • Summary statistics (mean, deviation, median, correlation measures, etc.).
  • Data-driven string templates, including a set of expressive filters.
  • Utilities for working with JavaScript objects and arrays.

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PapaParse – Parse CSV with Javascript

July 18, 2014     1682     JSON Others
PapaParse – Parse CSV with Javascript

Papa Parse is a robust and powerful CSV (character-separated values) parser with these features:

  • Easy to use
  • Parse CSV files directly (local or over the network)
  • Stream large files (even via HTTP)
  • Reverse parsing (converts JSON to CSV)
  • Auto-detects the delimiter
  • Worker threads to keep your web page responsive
  • Header row support
  • Can convert numbers and booleans to their types
  • Graceful and robust error handling

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