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Menutron – jQuery Plugin for Responsive Menus

July 31, 2013     5790     Menu Mobile Responsive
Menutron – jQuery Plugin for Responsive Menus

Menutron transforms your navigation menus from a list to a select menu when resizing your browser. On mobile devices, the select menu pulls up a native control, making it easier to pick an item.

  • It’s concise – When implemented in a responsive design, your menu becomes consolidated in to a single control, saving you horizontal and/or vertical real-estate.
  • It’s convenient – On mobile devices, the select controls will activate a native control, like the picker control for iOS, which can be navigated using drag, nudge, or flick gestures.
  • It’s intuitive – It works on any type of list (ol,ul,dl) and automatically adds a menu title of “Choose…” for easy recognition

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