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CCXT – CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library with Javascript

December 29, 2017     310    
CCXT – CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library with Javascript

CCXT is a JavaScript / Python / PHP library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce library with support for many (90+)  bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs.


  • Support for many exchange markets, even more upcoming soon
  • Fully implemented public and private APIs for all exchanges
  • All currencies, altcoins and symbols, prices, order books, trades, tickers, etc...
  • Optional normalized data for cross-exchange or cross-currency analytics and arbitrage
  • An out-of-the box unified all-in-one API extremely easy to integrate
  • Works in Node 7.6+, Python 2 and 3, PHP 5.3+, web browsers

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