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Bootstrap Modal and Popover with Velocity.js Animation

January 10, 2017     1693     Modal & Overlay Bootstrap
Bootstrap Modal and Popover with Velocity.js Animation

Bootstrap Modal and Popover examples with animations by using Velocity.js

Here are animation types: 

fadeIn, flipXIn, flipYIn, flipBounceXIn, flipBounceYIn, swoopIn, whirlIn, shrinkIn, expandIn, bounceIn, bounceUpIn, bounceDownIn, bounceLeftIn, bounceRightIn, slideUpIn, slideDownIn, slideLeftIn, slideRightIn, slideUpBigIn, slideDownBigIn, slideLeftBigIn, slideRightBigIn, perspectiveUpIn, perspectiveDownIn, perspectiveLeftIn, perspectiveRightIn, shake, tada, swing, bounce, flash, pulse

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